Saturday, 6 July 2013

My MDS Week (Part 2)


This post was continuation from here

In this week, we, the siswi, had to wear baju kurung + sport shoes since we had to take a long walk. How funny was that. But it’s kinda cute actually (like PM Ayeen said). Hehe. We all were given enough food, drink and info. There’s a lot of great, funny, bored and sad thing happened in this week, actually. 

The not so good thing was the time where we all being scolded by PM sis and bro. It’s really not a good situation. But now, I miss them saying, “Pantas siswi, pantas” “Lajukan langkah anda” “Kami bukannya suruh berlari”. And the word that I really miss is, “Pantas siswi, pantas.” The PM said that when we all had to walk heading to some place. You know how all the universities are. They are big and we had to take a very long walk. Very tired. 

Enough of bad thing. Now, let’s story about the great time. Hmm. There’s a lot actually. I don’t know where to start. Haha. Okay. Let me tell them one by one. 

You know, there’s Bobo among the new siswa. Who’s Bobo? The one that famous by doing Shae-Sayang parody. Try search it on youtube. A lot of celebrities has copied his parody, you know. Actually, the one here was not the real Bobo. Just a duplicate. His face is so alike. Like a twin. The only difference is the height. He’s a little bit tall while the real Bobo is kinda short. The best part is at the last day of this MDS week, we all requested him to do the parody and he said yes. When he start to do the head part, everyone were screaming and applauding like crazy. They also record videos of him. Haha. Such a crazy time. 

Then, there’s time where we all had to dance and sing. We dance to the Tommy song, Ayumi song, Faizal Tahir’s song (Gemuruh) and Rumput Panjang. I will share the song in the next post. It’s so great. Miss that. Huhu. Others also requested to do gwiyomi but they didn’t let us. The PM only showed the gwiyomi video (hijabis version) but only for a short moment. They said, “Boleh melting kalau tengok lama-lama”. Haha. We also sing the UITMs’ song which are Wawasan Setia, UITM di Hatiku and MDS. From this three, I only enjoy Wawasan Setia. Don’t really admire the other two. Those song are very, very slow song especially MDS. So, I don’t really like them. I don’t memorize them either. Haha. 

To be continued......

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