Friday, 5 July 2013

My MDS Week (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum readers. 

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Long time no see, right. Of course lah, I’m busy with university life. Actually, I’m not that busy lagi, just the wifi here are suck. Sometimes they exist, sometimes they won’t. How suck is that. 
Moreover, I stay at the 4th floor, the highest floor where the wifi didn’t want to be there. 

What the fish!!! 

Okay, okay. Calm down. Let’s continue with the main topic, “My MDS Week”. This post might too long. Maybe I has to divide it. If you still wanna read it, go on. I won’t force you. Btw, do you know what’s MDS stand for? If you from UITM, of course you know. MDS stands for “Minggu Destini Siswa”. It’s an orientation week at UITM. There’s also a song for it, you know. Search it on youtube, if it’s there. I don’t know. 

The MDS week only goes on for 5 days, starting from 2/6 till 6/6. It’s a great yet tired week. All the newcomers (pra-diploma, diploma & asasi) had to sleep late and woke up early even on our 1st day here. We only got to sleep less than 3 hours. But it’s okay actually if compared to our PM’s. Sometimes they didn’t get sleep at all because after the day end, they had meetings. Poor them. 

Opss. Forgot to tell you guys. PM not Prime Minister. PM here stands for “Pembantu Mahasiswa”, person that help the newcomers in university. Kinda like facilitator and PRS. 

Some of the bro PM that I still remember the names are PM Ayeen, PM Amin, PM Bob, PM Burn, PM Husin, PM Fahmi, PM Anwar, PM Zack, PM Ahmad, PM Alif and PM Farid. 

While the sis PM are PM Musyi, PM Hani, PM Umairah, PM Anis, PM Odah, PM Tedu, PM Farah, PM Bella, PM Ayu, PM Dila, PM Qeena and PM Zaty. 

Mostly, it was PM Ayeen and PM Amin that MC’ing the MDS week. While PM Munsyi was the leader for the dance and cute part. Haha. You know, PM Ayeen and PM Amin was a great duo. When the MC’ing together, it was BOOMM!! Like Jozan. They were the best. ....

To be continued.....

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